What to expect from training

At the start of your training you will likely feel very confused.

Don’t worry.

This is normal, and everyone who begins training a new martial art will feel likely similarly. This feeling of confusion will likely continue for several months. This is also normal. Eventually things will start to click into place, and you will begin to make sense of the techniques that you are learning.

The important thing is to keep turning up to training and putting in your best effort. It will begin to start making sense soon.

The 1% rule

If you turn up to training 3 times a week, for 50 weeks in a year, and you learn one thing at each class. Then by the end of the year you will have learnt 150 new things.

To only learn one new thing each class is a bit low, most people will learn at least 3-5 new things each class, and then each year you will have learnt about 750 new things. That’s a lot!

In the lead up to the 2012 Olympics in London, the British Cycling team used the 1% rule. Each day they asked themselves. What thing can I do today 1% better than I did yesterday? In 2012 they had a historic win in cycling.

We take a similar approach in Aikido. Each we do a handful of techniques. Each time we practice them we try to do them 1% better. we ask ourselves – what has sensei just demonstrated? Am I doing that? What part of this technique can I improve, even by a little bit.

Training in this way, week in, week out we slowly improve and progress down our path of mastery.

There’s a lot to learn

There’s over 1000 techniques in our syllabus. But we don’t expect you to know them all (yet). It takes many years to understand and be able to accurately perform so many techniques.

What we do is rotate through a set of locks, pins and throws to different attacks each month. And so you find the same techniques coming up over and over, but with slight variations. In this way, over time, you pick up the core principles within Aikido.

There’s a lot to learn, and it takes time, and all we expect is that you keep turning up and giving your best effort.

So turn up to the next training session and get that 1% better.