Aikido weapons classes

In weapons class we study wooden sword (ken) and wooden staff (jo). The curriculum is large, and so we cycle through it over long periods of time.

The weapons curriculum includes:

  • Suburi (basic moves)
  • kata (set patterns you practices by yourself)
  • partner practices
Weapons practice is integral to learning the open handed techniques. All open handed Aikido techniques have their basis in the weapons techniques.

An example of Aikido Weapons

This video shows Morihiro Saito Sensei showing part of the 31 jo partner practice. These are the exact techniques that we practice during weapons classes at Aikido Maai.

What do the weapons teach us?

Aikido weapons teach mindfulness and awareness. We practice with ken (wooden sword) and jo (wooden staff). We do not wear padding, or armour. This invites us to be fully aware of ourselves and our partners. We practice with a range of safety measures in place, such as:

  • 2 second break between each move when practicing basic (kihon)
  • The tips of the weapons are always placed 2.5cm from the target

We practice the basic moves until we are comptant with them, then we move on to partner practices. The partner practices are done slowly, accurately and with the safety measures mentioned above.

Once the kihon versions have been practiced, we move on to awase, or blending versions of the practices. We still maintain a 2 second gap between each step of the practice.

Training times

Weapons class takes place every Wednesday 6pm–7pm at Syndal South Primary School hall

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How do I get started?

You can try Aikido with two free classes by filling in this form. We’ll email, or call you right back to discuss starting training with Aikido Maai. See you on the mat. You can turn up to any of the upcoming training sessions.