Children’s Aikido Classes

Your child will gain valuable skills from training Aikido

Your child will learn

  • To become better listeners
  • To be more respectful towards others
  • To better follow instructions
  • To become more centered
  • To become more focussed

We train in pairs in cooperative fashion. We emphasis working in partnership and displaying the correct attitude.

Claim two free classes for your child

What happens in our children’s aikido classes?

  • Children are encouraged to turn up 15 minutes before class to help put down the mats – this means that you need to bring your kids to the dojo by 4:45pm on Wednesdays
  • Training starts at 5:00pm
  • We train for 45 minutes – practicing basic techniques that teach children how to get out of the way of attacks.
    The same basic aikido techniques that are taught in the adult’s basics class are practiced by the children: ta na henko, and morote dori kokyu ho, then we practice one of either a pin, or a throw. The pins and throws alternate each week and are chosen for their basic applications, or similarity to attacks that children might face in the playground.
    The focus is on the basics and the appropriate level of control for your child’s age and level of ability.
  • If everyone trains well there is a reward of 5 minutes of games (these games are techniques and basic martial arts concepts in disguise – but don’t tell your kids this)
  • Training is individualised for your child
  • Children train in pairs and everyone does the techniques at the same time to the count of the instructor.

Who runs the classes?

The class is run by Glenn Jones (1st Dan) assisted by Sensei Ajax McKerral (4th Dan) and senior students, including previous children’s class participants.

Do instructors have working with children checks?

Absolutely. We take the children’s safety very seriously and Aikido Maai complies with legislation for working with children. Please ask us for our working with children check cards when you come in to claim your two free classes.

How old does my child have to be?

We accept students who are at between 7 and 12 years of age. When your child turns 12, they are welcome to join the basics and weapons classes (Mondays and Wednesdays).

Do you grade the children?

We grade the children twice a year from white belt to a children’s brown belt level. When they are 12 and join the basics class, the students are graded to 7th Kyu (yellow belt). Giving belt colours and grading the children helps reward them for their effort and show their progress throughout their training.

Children’s Aikido Class Times

Children’s Aikido classes run every Wednesday  from 5:00–-5:50pm from the start of February through to the week before Christmas.

Training Fees

Children’s classes cost $20 per class. Fees are due at the start of each term. You can pay online.

Dojo Location

Syndal South Primary School
Montgomery Avenue
Mount Waverley,
VIC, 3149