Children’s aikido grading syllabus

In the Children’s Aikido class at Aikido Maai, the kids have to learn one technique for each belt level. Children’s belts are colour with a white stipe.

The training and  grading system works like this:

  • Your kids train once per week
  • Each week we rotate through the small set of basic techniques that provide a foundation for Aikido practice
  • Each technique is usually shown about 4 times each in each six month period, and
  • Each time your child practices the technique in class, they have an opportunity to get a strip of tape on their belt.
  • When your child gets four strips of tape on their belt, they get to demonstrate that technique the next time it comes up in the class.
  • This list demonstrates the technique that must be demonstrated at the appropriate level to gain the coloured belt

1st Kyu (Brown belt with white stripe)

All techniques from the grades below

2nd Kyu (Purple belt with white stripe)

Shiho nage (four directions throw) Omote and Ura

3rd Kyu (Red belt with white stripe)

Kote Gaeshi

4th Kyu (Green belt with white stripe)


5th Kyu (Blue belt with white stripe)

Ryote dori kokyu Nage

6th Kyu (Orange belt with white stripe)

Irimi Nage

7th Kyu (Yellow Belt with white stripe)

Ikkyo Omote and ura from standing and kneeling