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Term 4 2018 children’s aikido

I hope that you all had good holidays. Term 4 has 11 classes with training every 5pm until 6pm Wednesdays from  10 October to 19 December. Gradings will be held on 12 December, with end of year games class on 19 December. You can pay for your child’s fees online ($220)

A new year for training: 2018

Congratulations to all those who graded up a belt last year, including Van Khuu who achieved his 2nd degree black belt and Kyle Gillis who achieved 1st and 2nd dan in Buki Waza (weapons), and students who achieved their new kyu grades. Children’s Aikido starts on 7 February Children’s Aikido Classes for Term 1 2018 start […]

End of year Aikido Updates (2017)

Kids classes – Term 4 The last term of children’s aikido classes has begun. You can pay for your child’s fees through the shop using this product: Term 4, 2017 Children’s Aikido Fees Children’s classes run from 11 October to 20 December 2017. Children’s gradings will be on 13th December, and the last day of training will be […]