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Black belt gradings this weekend: 2 & 3 Dec 2017

All students, families and friends are invited to attend the black belt gradings this Weekend. Grading Details Saturday 2nd December , 10.30 am – Buki waza (weapons) gradings at Seikatsu Aikido Sunday 3rd December , 10.00 am – tai-jutsu waza (open handed) gradings at Venue Seikatsu Aikido 36 Sussex St, Pascoe Vale VIC 3044

End of year Aikido Updates (2017)

Kids classes – Term 4 The last term of children’s aikido classes has begun. You can pay for your child’s fees through the shop using this product: Term 4, 2017 Children’s Aikido Fees Children’s classes run from 11 October to 20 December 2017. Children’s gradings will be on 13th December, and the last day of training will be […]

Aikido Maai Mt Waverley Melbourne Kids Grading June 2017

Congratulations to all the kids who graded

What a great bunch of kids we have training at Aikido Maai! Everyone graded today and went up a belt. So congratulations to all. This is the “GRRRRR” photo that we took after the class. The other week I asked them all “Do your parents make you come here, or do you want to really […]

Children’s Aikido Grading 28 June 2017

The children will be attempting their grading at 5pm on Wednesday 28 June 2017 Parents are warmly welcome to attend. No children’s aikido classes in the school holidays Also, please remember that there are no kids aikido classes in the school holidays. The first class of term 3 will be at 5pm on Wednesday 19 […]

Aikido MArtial Arts Mt Waverley Melbourne

Queens Birthday Weekend Gradings and Seminar 6 – 8 June 2015

You are invited to attend black belt gradings and seminar on this Queens Brirthday Weekend. Micheal Field Sensei will be overseeing the gradings and teaching the seminar. PROGRAMME SATURDAY (6 June):  GRADING 9.45 AM – 3.00 PM. Tests, assessment & presentation of certificates Note. Participants are to bring their own lunch, no food will be […]

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Grading syllabus for December 2013

1st Kyu Locking and pinning To be performed from both standing and kneeling (tachi waza and suwari waza) Rockyo omote & ura waza (Pin #6) from the following attacks Shomen uchi Tsuki Katate dori Throws Kubi Nage from the following attacks: Shomen uchi Yokomen uchi Tsuki Shomen uchi irimi nage Mune dori kote gaeshi Tsuki kokyu nage […]