End of year Aikido Updates (2017)

Kids classes – Term 4

The last term of children’s aikido classes has begun. You can pay for your child’s fees through the shop using this product: Term 4, 2017 Children’s Aikido Fees

Children’s classes run from 11 October to 20 December 2017.

Children’s gradings will be on 13th December, and the last day of training will be our special games day, when the students get to experience some of the more advanced aikido techniques personally, as well as playing lots of games and getting some treats.

 Black Belt gradings – weekend of 3/4 December

There are more black belt gradings coming up, aikido students from affiliated dojos will be going for their dan ranks. The event will be held at Seikatsu Aikido in Moonee Ponds, dates and times to be provided shortly. All students and family members are warmly welcome to attend.

Ulf Evenas Sensei Seminar – Jan 2018

Ulf Evenås Shihan (7th dan Aikikai) is one of the most qualified and experienced Aikido instructors in the world, having conducted more than 700 seminars in over 20 different countries. He is an International Aikido Federation (IAF) representative where he has additionally taught and performed demonstrations at international events, including within Japan.

Ulf Evenås Shihan will teach Takemusu Aikido as he learned directly for 29 years as a close student of Morihiro Saito Shihan, emphasising the connection between Taijutsu and Bukiwaza.

The seminar is open to all Aikido practitioners aged 13 years and over, regardless of Aikido style or rank.

Registration is through Aikido Dentuokan