Shimizu Tendokan Aikido Seminar Melbourne 28-30 April 2017

The Institute of Aikido Australia is honoured to be hosting Kenji Shimizu Sensei. The founder of Tendoryu Aikido and one of the last personal students of Osensei Morihei Ueshiba. Shimizu Sensei style emphasizes natural large and clear movements that harmonize the flow of motion.

Shimizu Sensei received the Japanese ‘Foreign Minister Award’, for his work spreading aikido abroad and has co-authored the book Zen and Aikido with Shigeo Kamata.

Please join us in Melbourne to practise and learn from Shimizu Sensei over 3 a day seminar from the 28th-30th April 2017 at Seikatsu Aikido dojo 136 Sussex Street Pascoe Vale, Victoria Australia.

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