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Why you can, and should, start training Aikido now

Defend yourself

Aikido's heritage is the traditional samurai martial arts. Aikido is an effective and devastating martial art, as well as being the best way to avoid conflict.

Develop Awareness

Learn to be aware of your feelings, thoughts and physical surroundings. The physical practice of Aikido helps you focus, and become more present in the moment, and more aware of yourself and others.

Learn to lead

Learn true leadership and teamwork while having fun and getting fit. Aikido will help you learn confidence and help you learn to lead others.

Achieve your goals

Training Aikido will help you achieve your goals because you will learn to develop focus and calm your mind.

Claim your two free classes today to get started. Here’s how:

  1. Drop your details into the form at the top of this page
  2. Come to the next training session – you will be given the times after you claim your two free classes
  3. When you come to train with us, wear loose clothes like tracksuit pants, and a loose top
  4. Turn up 15 minutes early for class to talk to sensei and get ready for your first class

You can start training aikido this week.

You can start training the martial art of aikido in Melbourne this weekIf you would like to:

  • Learn mindfulness,
  • Achieve your goals
  • Improve your fitness
  • Lear to defend yourself effectively
  • Learn leadership skills

Then aikido is the martial art for you. You can begin training this week. All you need to do is drop your details in here and turn up to the next training session.

Start your aikido training

Aikido teaches non-combative self defence, and always takes the approach that there are multiple attackers. The technical roots of Aikido lie in samurai weapons and the traditional Japanese art of ju jitsu. As a philosophy and a martial art, aikido teaches how to blend, and not to clash, with our training partners. This also applies to conflicts within our daily lives, whether physical or emotional.

At Aikido Maai there are four types of classes:

  1. Basics classes
  2. Weapons classes
  3. Children’s classes
  4. Udansha Classes

Full training schedule

You will be on the fast track to learn Aikido

When starting Aikido training at Aikido Maai, you will train with senior students – usually 1st dan black belt, or higher. This means that you get the expert attention you need to learn rapidly. Having senior students instructing you every class helps you learn the techniques faster.

Class formats

Open handed classes at Aikido Maai follow this format:

  • Ta na henko (a practice to learn basic hip movement)
  • Morote Dori kokyu ho (a practice in hip moevement, non-competition and developing breath power – kokyu)
  • A pinning technique
  • A throwing technique
  • Suwari waza kokyu ho (kneeling breath power practice)

Weapons classes cycle through ken (wooden sword), jo (wooden staff) and ken tai jo (sword vs staff) throughout the year. Classes follow this format:

  • Suburi (basic practices: 7 for ken, 20 for jo)
  • Awase practices (blending practices)
  • Partner practices

What will you learn from studying aikido weapons?

Aikido weapons teaches you mindfulness and awareness. We practice with ken (wooden sword) and jo (wooden staff). We do not wear padding, or armour like in kendo. This invites us to be fully aware of ourselves and our partners. We practice with a range of safety measures in place, such as:

  • 2 second break between each move when practicing basic (kihon)
  • The tips of the weapons are always placed 2.5cm from the target (in kihon – basic practices)

We practice the basic moves until we are comptant with them, then we move on to partner practices. The partner practices are done slowly, accurately and with the safety measures mentioned above. Once the kihon versions have been practiced, we move on to awase, or blending versions of the practices. We still maintain a 2 second gap between each step of the practice.

Claim your two free classes.

You can begin training this week. All you need to do is follow these simple steps.

  1. Claim your two free classes
  2. Check your email for details of the next classes
  3. Come to the next class
  4. Wear loose fitting clothing like tracksuit pants and a loose top

Start your aikido training: Claim your two free classes

Where do we train?

Aikido Maai trains the martial art of Aikido in Mt Waverley at:

Syndal South Primary School 14 Montgomery St Mount Waverley, 3194, Melbourne