Tachi Dori – Kote Gaeshi

Weapons taking. Tachi dori – kote gaeshi. Some Important points are: Keep your backhand out of the way of the sword cut – or you may end up with broken fingers – or less fingers if it’s a live blade. Kote gaeshi comes from ken. Think weapons while throwing. You need to perform utemi to […]

13 Jo Kata and 13 Jo Awase

Saito Sensei shows the 13 Jo Kata and the Awase – which is broken into parts to practice effectively.

Shomen Uchi Ikkyo – Rockyo

Commentary This series of techniques demonstrated by Saito sensei clearly shows how Ikkyo is built upon progresively as you move through the pins. Saito Sensei states the name of each technique as he completes it

Shomen uchi ikkyo omote

This video is from Saito Sensei’s Sydney Seminar in 1997. Takeyasu Sensei is translating. Saito Sensei demonstrates how to do shomen uchi ikkyo omote waza, and highlights many common problems that people experience, and their solutions.

Kumi jo

Saito Sensei demonstrates the Kumi Jo partner practice