A new year for training: 2018

Congratulations to all those who graded up a belt last year, including Van Khuu who achieved his 2nd degree black belt and Kyle Gillis who achieved 1st and 2nd dan in Buki Waza (weapons), and students who achieved their new kyu grades.

Children’s Aikido starts on 7 February

Children’s Aikido Classes for Term 1 2018 start on Wednesday 7 February, and run until 28 March 2018.

Parents can pay for Term 1 2018 kids classes online.

Updated terms and conditions

I have updated the terms and conditions for training with us at Aikido Maai. This is to promote clarity about expected behaviour and terms for payment of fees. Please note that the Dojo Etiquette is an integral part of these terms and conditions and I encourage all students and parents of students to read them.

Queens Birthday Weekend Seminar

As usual, the Queens Birthday Weekend Seminar will be run on 9,10 & 11 June 2018. Michael Field Sensei will teach, and we expect to get a full 12 hours of training in over these three days. I recommend that you put these dates in your diary now, so that you can plan to attend. Any students 13 years, or over are encouraged to attend.

When should you train Aikido?

Here’s a handy guide to know what conditions make it the best for training.


  • Hot => Train Aikido
  • Cold => Train Aikido
  • Raining => Train Aikido
  • Snowing => Train Aikido

How you feel

  • Happy => Train Aikido
  • Sad => Train Aikido
  • Tired after school/work => Train Aikido
  • Angry => Train Aikido
  • Sick => Take a break and get better, then come back and train Aikido

See you on the mat!