Children's Aikido Martial Arts Classes at Aikido Maai, Mount Waverley Melbourne

Children’s aikido class starts on Wednesday 4 February 2015

The kid’s aikido classes start again at 5pm on Wednesday 4 February (next week).

I hope that you and your kids have had a great holiday and have come back refreshed and ready for the new year.

We ask that you make payments for the classes through the dojo website. It’s very easy to subscribe and payments are processed on the first of each month. This makes it easy for us, and for you.

If you are not already subscribing for your children’s aikido classes, please sign up now.

We are looking forward to seeing you and your kids at 4:40pm at Syndal South Primary School next Wednesday 4 February.

Remember that bringing your kids early, helps them learn to pitch in and help around the dojo, and also, by extension, around your house.

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