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Filming, Aikido gradings and kids class updates

Filming for the website

We are producing some short videos for the dojo website to help people better understand the benefits of training Aikido. It would be GREAT to have as many people on the mat for the classes that we are filming as possible. So I would like to invite anyone who has not been training much recently to come down and participate in the classes free of charge. We will be filming the kids class, and then doing some demonstrations with weapons and open handed and holding a class.

I’d also like to get some testimonials to camera from parents, children and students.

Filming dates and times

Wednesday 16 July 2014
Kids class 5pm – 6pm
Weapons, demos and open handed 6:10pm-8:30pm.Aikido Classes Melbourne

Kids train through the school holidays

A quick reminder to parents that the children’s class runs through the school holidays. So turn up at the usual time every Wednesday.

The next children’s Aikido  classes are:

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Kids Aikido Gradings

Grading Date: 5pm Wednesday 16 July 2014

We will be grading the children on Wednesday 16 July 2014 during the usual kids class. There is nothing to be stressed out about for this. We treat the gradings a fun event when the kids get to show off what they have learned over the last couple of terms. We are looking for the one technique that the kids are expected to know for their next belt, and then they get to go down through the other grades techniques as we grade the other students.

For students who have signed up within the last couple of weeks, they can grade to yellow belt provided the can demonstrate ta na henko, morote dori kokyu ho, shiko (knee walking)  and some backwards rolls. Over all we are looking for some basic form, the ability to listen to instructions and fix mistakes and making a good effort.

We find that as the kids progress through their belts they gain additional confidence and upgrade their behaviour to match the expectation that they show more leadership as the grade to a higher level.

Adult and Student Gradings

Grading Date: 7:20pm Wednesday 30 July 2014

Adults and students in the Aikido basics and weapon classes will be grading on Wednesday 16 July as well. We’ll devote the whole open handed class to grading and will start at the most senior grading level and be going down through the kyu ranks until completed. The grading syllabus is available on the Grading Syllabus page.

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