Paying for your aikido training

I often get asked “Sensei, how do I pay you?”. This post will walk you through the best and easiest ways to pay for your aikido training.

The Aikido Maai  website has eCommerce facilities – and you can pay for your training online through the Aikido Maai Shop. All online payments use PayPal – and you can pay with your Credit Card, or with a PayPal balance.

Pay online: Subscriptions

It’s best for both the dojo and yourself (or your child) to pay online with a subscription. This is because:

  • It’s set and forget – your monthly payments happen automatically
  • You are paid up for the month, so it’s easy for you to convince yourself to come to training when you don’t feel like it. You can tell yourself:

    Even though I feel tired and stressed from work/study/a hard day I may as well go to training – because I have already paid for it – and I know that I will feel awesome after training!

  • It makes the admin easy for the dojo and yourself, and we can concentrate on training and self improvement

The subscriptions to Aikido Maai training are:

Pay online: Single month

Your other option is to pay for a single month online as you need to:

By special arrangement with Sensei: 10 class bundle

You can pay for a 10 class bundle to use over 3 months. This bundle is intended for students in year 10,11 or 12 who have study commitments, or people with family commitments who can’t make it regularly and can’t get the best value out of a full month’s payment for training. This is not the best option if you want to advance in the art of aikido and want to see steady improvements in your technique and self development. Committing to a monthly subscription is the best outcome for all concerned because you train regularly and see improvements, and so are motivated to continue training.

This 10 class bundle is only available by special arrangement with sensei.

Pay in cash

If you would prefer to pay in cash for your aikido training, then please:

  • Put the money into an envelope
  • Write your name (or your child’s name) on the envelope
  • Write the month and year that the money is paying for
  • Hand it to Sensei directly when you see him at the dojo


We aim to make it easy for you to pay for your or your child’s training by making payment options available online. IF you have any queries please contact me, or talk to me at training.

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